Online Privacy Policy of GOLFZON

Please note that GOLFZON complies with the privacy regulations, including the Information Protection Act,
and is trying to do GOLFZON's best to protect users' rights and interests.

1. General Rules

GOLFZON Inc. (hereinafter "GOLFZON") does its best to protect user's personal information pursuant to the relevant laws and regulations when users (hereinafter "Users") use GOLFZON's contents such as GOLFZON global website ("", hereinafter "Website"), Intranet website for Site Owners (“”, ””, hereinafter "Intranet Website"), the software application GOLFZON APP (hereinafter "App") for mobile devices and internet relevant services (hereinafter "Service") that has been created by GOLFZON.

GOLFZON informs Users how the personal information provided by users is collected, used, and deleted through the GOLFZON's privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”),
and what actions are being taken to protect User's personal information.

GOLFZON's Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time due to changes in the relevant laws and internal Company policies.

2. Lists of personal information that are being collected, the purpose of the use, and the collection method

  1. (A) Lists of personal information that are being collected

    Users are required to fill in User's essential information for the use of basic Service and additional information for Services tailored to your needs.

    1. (1) Users
      Purpose of Use Collection item Retention and Usage period
      Membership services agreements. Website Registration. Name, ID, Password, Mobile phone number, Email address, Nickname, Date of birth, gender Delete when the User withdrew membership
      Duplicate subscription confirmation information (DI)connection information (CI) 30 days after membership withdrawal
      APP Registration Mobile device type, Device ID, Mobile IP address, Mobile operating system, Mobile Internet browser, and How to use apps Delete when the User withdrew membership
      Intranet Website Registration (For Site Owner) Store name, Store Address, Site Owner’s ID, Password, Store contact number Delete when Site Owner requests for closing down of its business/store
      Information collected when using screen golf simulator and GDR. Golf Swing Video (VISON swing-replay video, GDR swing-replay video) GOLFZON Simulator usage record, Online tournament usage record. Searching GOLFZON Store Location Delete when the User withdraw membership However, the Swing-replay video is deleted when requested by the member.
      Transactions created/collected during Service use or business processing. IP Address, Connection Logs, Service Usage History, Information registered by the User to support the customer support Delete when the User withdrew membership
    2. (2) Gifts, Event Winners Announcement and Delivery
      Purpose of Use Collection item Retention and Usage period
      Gifts, Event Winners Announcement and Delivery Name, Mobile phone number, E-mail address and Resident address Dispose of the information immediately after implementation
    3. (3) In case Users agreed to the Marketing and Advertising
      Purpose of Use Collection item Retention and Usage period
      Information about various events such as promotional events and competitions, And All marketing activities, product/service guidance, and recommendations from GOLFZON and GOLFZON's subsidiary company Name, Mobile phone number, E-mail address and Resident address Delete when the User withdrew membership

      * In this case, users who play with the customer are automatically registered as "friends"

  2. (B) Details of the purpose of use, and method of collection

    1. (1) Contract fulfillment in relation to Service provision and price calculation according to providing the Service:

      Providing content and specific customized services, managing the operation of the competition, sending goods or bills, collection of bills and so forth.

    2. (2) Membership Management:

      Providing membership services, identifying individuals, and restricting the use of members who violate the terms and conditions of the GOLFZON and imposing sanction to the Users who interfere with GOLFZON's natural Service operation and restrictions on the number of membership registration, confirmation of consent of legal representatives when collecting personal information of children under 14 years of age, identification of legal representatives, preservation of records for mediation of disputes, handling of complaints, announcement notice and confirmation of the intent to withdraw membership

    3. (3) Information transmission for business store (hereinafter "Site");

      Nicknames and mobile phone numbers for Service handling and information, such as reservation, payment, and notice of closure

    4. (4) Information for marketing, advertising, and developing new services:

      Developing new services and providing customized services, providing services according to statistical characteristics and publishing of advertisements, validation of services, providing event information and participation opportunities, providing advertising information, providing match results, identifying the frequency of access, and statistics on the use of services by Users

  3. (C) Details of retention and use period

    While the Users use the services provided by GOLFZON as a member of Company, the Company keeps the Users' personal information and uses them for service provision.

    However, if a user requests to delete his or her personal information or to terminate the membership, the User's personal information will be destroyed.

    In addition, personal information provided for temporary purposes (Survey, Event, Identification, etc.) will be destroyed when the purpose is achieved.

    However, the Company may retain the member's fraudulent use record and duplicate registration information for one year from the date of termination of the service contract to prevent the recurrence of fraudulent use by the defective member.

  4. (D) Personal information collection method

    GOLFZON collects personal information as the following method.

    1. (1) Homepage, paper, fax, telephone, a consultation bulletin, email, event participation, delivery request.
    2. (2) Information collection tools

3. Personal Information Disposal Process and Method

  1. (A) GOLFZON destroys the information immediately after the purpose of collecting and using the user's personal information has been achieved, or the retention and service period has elapsed. The procedures and methods for destroying the Company's personal information are as follows:
    1. (1) Disposal Process
      • -The personal information registered by the User for membership registration, etc. will be terminated after a certain period (refer to the Details of retention and use period) once the purpose has been achieved according to internal policy and other relevant statutes.
      • - This personal information is not used for purposes other than retention unless there is a request of relevant laws.
    2. (2) Disposal method
      • - Personal information printed on paper is destroyed through a shredder or incineration.
      • - Personal information stored in electronic file form is deleted using a technical method
  2. (B) User can stop all collection of information by the Application easily by uninstalling the Application. User may use the standard uninstall processes as may be available as part of User’s mobile device or via the mobile application marketplace or network.

4. Sharing and providing personal information collected by the Company

GOLFZON uses the Users' personal information within the notified purpose, and the User's personal information is not disclosed to the outside without the user's prior consent. However, Exceptions shall be made in the following cases:

  • - In case Users agreed to the disclosure in advance
  • - If necessary for service charges
  • - In case of violation of the terms of use, terms other member services or operating principle posted on the website
  • - In case there are sufficient evidences to determine that personal information should be disclosed in order to take legal action against imposing mental and material damage on the others by using the GOLFZON's Services.
  • - In case there is a request from the investigative agency in accordance with relevant laws or the purpose of the investigation.
  • - In case against someone who may be violating GOLFZON’s intellectual property rights or may be causing injury to or interference with (either intentionally or unintentionally) GOLFZON’s rights or property.
  • - In case of providing to advertisers, suppliers, or research organizations for statistical or academic research or market research as an indistinguishable form
  • - In case personal information required for handling complaints is provided to an agency that operates a customer center for handling complaints and inquiries caused by the Users' service use
  • - In case information such as ID, nickname, rating, gender, tee, name, contact number, and date of recent visit is provided to offline stores where members directly use the Golf Simulator.
  • - In the event that the User's personal information transfer is required due to mergers and acquisitions, The Company notifies the facts concerning the transfer of personal information in accordance with the procedures and methods stipulated in the relevant laws, and grants the user the right to withdraw consent

User's personal information is not provided to individuals or businesses who request advertising even when they publish or post advertisements.

5. Consignment and provision of personal information

  • - GOLFZON may consign dealing of the personal information of the Users to an professional company for service improvement. To ensure the safety of personal information protection during consignment contracts, GOLFOZN clearly stipulates: (i) no third-party provision regarding personal information, (ii) the liability in the event of an accident, and (iii) compliance with the relevant laws.
  • - Please keep in mind that whenever Users voluntarily disclose personal information or video content online (e.g., video comments, your profile page), they could be collected and used by others. Therefore, the User will be solely responsible for maintaining the security of your passwords or private information in this regard.
  • - The guidelines and policies of GOLFZON are in accordance with the laws of the country in which such a third-party company or GOLFZON affiliate or subsidiary is located.

6. Terms related to the User's personal information management by Users themselves (view, correction, deletion, etc.)

The User may at any time inquire or modify his or her personal information registered on the Company website or request termination of his or her membership through the website.

The legal representatives of the User under the age of 14 may inquire or modify the registered personal information of the User under the age of 14 at any time using the Company's website and request his/her membership cancellation.

7. User's Consent

By using the Application and the website, Users are consenting to our processing of User's information as set forth in this current Privacy Policy and as amended by the Company. "Processing” means using cookies on a computer/hand-held device or using or touching information in any way, including, but not limited to, collecting, storing, deleting, using, combining and disclosing information.

8. Withdrawal of consent of the collection, use, and provision of personal information

Users may withdraw the User's consent to collect, use, or provide personal information in member registration at any time. User can withdraw on Website or in direct ways, such as paper, telephone, or e-mail.

9. Use of Cookies

GOLFZON may use "cookies", which are small text files placed on your hard disk by a web server. Cookies enable a website to tailor information presented to you based on your browsing preferences. GOLFZON may use cookies to remember you when you register for services. If you do not want GOLFZON to deploy cookies in your browser, you can set your browser to reject cookies or to notify you when a website tries to put a cookie in your browser software. Rejecting cookies may affect your ability to use the Company website. GOLFZON may also use cookies to track your visit to the Company website. While our web servers may automatically log your IP address, this information does not identify the specific users, and that specific users remain anonymous.

10. Personal information protection policy

GOLFZON is developing the following technical and administrative methods to ensure safety in order to prevent personal information from being lost, stolen, leaked, tampered with, or damaged in handling users' personal information. (A) Password encryption

Member passwords are stored and managed in one-way encryption to prevent them from being decoded. The Users should keep their password confidential. For this purpose, the Company encourages Users to log out online and exit the web browser after they finish using the computer. In particular, if you share a PC with others or use it in a public place (such as a company, school, or library), you will need more procedures to prevent your personal information from being disclosed to others. GOLFZON shall not be liable for any problems caused by personal information leakage, such as IDs, passwords, and resident registration numbers, due to user negligence or Internet problems.

(B) Countermeasures against Hacking

GOLFZON tries its best to protect User's personal information from hacking or virus. In case personal information are damaged, the Company frequently back up data, prevents Users' personal information or data from being leaked or damaged by using the latest vaccine program, and secure transmission of personal information on the network through cryptographic communication. We control unauthorized access and try to have all possible technical devices to ensure security systemically.

(C) Personal expiration period policy

GOLFZON stores and manages the personal information of non-use Members (Members who have not used the service in the last 12 months) separately from the member information of other Members to protect the personal information of non-use Members

(D) Minimize the number of staffs in charge

GOLFZON's handling of personal information is limited to the staffs in charge, and a separate password is assigned and updated regularly.

11. Subjects concerning information protection for children

Children under the age of 14 must have sufficient knowledge of the purpose of collecting and using personal information and obtain consent from their legal representative before sending personal information to others online. In response, the Company explains the above points through the terms of use and service use rules, and when signing up, GOLFZON should check whether or not it has obtained parents' (legal representative's) consent.

12. Subjects concerning Advertising Information Transmission

GOLFZON does not transmit commercial advertisement information against the User's intent. GOLFZON takes measures to make it easier for Users to recognize the following in the subject line and inside of the e-mail when the User agrees to send e-mail messages, such as advertising, information, etc.

  • - The subject line of the e-mail: Displays the main contents of the body text of the e-mail.
  • - The body text of the e-mail: The name, e-mail address, phone number, and address of the sender for which the member can express his/her refusal to receive.

If advertisement information is sent through non-e-mail methods such as fax or mobile phone text service, the words 'advertisement' are displayed at the beginning of the transmission, and the contact number of the sender is specified in the transmission.

13. Contract number of The Personal Information Officer

GOLFZON appoints a person in charge of personal information policy and operates as follows in order to expedite the handling of complaints related to the protection of personal information generated by the Users using the Service.

  • Name: Sunghan kim
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: +82 1577-4333
  • Name: Junghoon kim
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: +82 1577-4333