How to play GOLFZON game

    How can I have fun?

    Go enjoy virtual golf without waking up early in the morning and preparing any golf goods!

    Experience virtual golf at the near shops

    I love playing golf, but it is not easy for me to wake up early and go far all the way to play golf.

    Can be used for practice!

    The short cut of level up...

    For beginners and intermediate golfers, GOLFZON virtual 3D golf is the perfect way to “get the hang of it” in a more private and relaxed environment.
    GOLFZON is the perfect way to work on your golf game all year round.

    The world courses right next to you!

    Over 100 courses available to play

    Going on vacation and planning to visit a course you`ve never played before? With a library of over 100 famous real courses from around the world, GOLFZON lets you experience and become familiar with that course`s unique features virtually.

    Try to search the shops first to have fun at GOLFZON.

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