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    Driver 282yds

    I’m trying to tweak my swing so it can be the best I can get it. If anyone is willing to give me so pointers or tell me what i could do better I’d appreciate it. My Facebook is “Colton Lesley” you may message me on there if you have any insight for me. Thank you.
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    Player USA Bronze Hawk
    Date 2-Feb-2019
    Location Fort Riley 
    CC PGA National GC - Estates 
    Hole 18
    Game Mode Amateur 
    Distance 282.59yd
    Club Driver
    Type Straight

    Swing Info

    Swing Distance Remaining Disctance From
    1st 282.63yd 245.70yd OB
    2nd 282.63yd 468.29yd Front Tee
    2nd 278.99yd 243.58yd OB
    3rd 278.99yd 468.29yd Front Tee
    3rd 274.35yd 201.86yd Rough
    4th 70.37yd 132.46yd Fairway
    5th 142.31yd 12.01yd Green
    6th 20.65yd 8.64yd Green
    7th 6.74yd 1.96yd Green
    8th 0.00yd 1.96yd Concede


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