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    8 iron from sand.

    I had about a 1foot putt after this shot. I am just posting this to try to get some critiquing on what I need to be doing better. I’m self taught so I’m ignorant on what right is supposed to look like.
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    Player USA Bronze Hawk
    Date 31-Jan-2019
    Location Fort Riley 
    CC PGA National GC - The Fazio 
    Hole 14
    Game Mode Amateur 
    Distance 151.76yd
    Club Iron
    Type Straight

    Swing Info

    Swing Distance Remaining Disctance From
    1st 173.38yd 216.73yd OB
    2nd 173.38yd 374.31yd Front Tee
    2nd 229.88yd 148.16yd Bunker
    3rd 151.77yd 3.77yd Green
    4th 3.82yd 0.00yd Hole in


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