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    Not much body movement in the back swing but a lot of momentum in the down swing and I think my club line would be much better
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    Player HKG Hawk (Intended)
    Date 16-Oct-2018
    Location UPP Golf Club 
    CC Celtic Manor Resort - The Montgomerie Course 
    Hole 18
    Game Mode Tour 
    Distance 206.32yd
    Club Driver
    Type Slice

    Swing Info

    Swing Distance Remaining Disctance From
    1st 206.36yd 207.20yd Fairway
    2nd 177.05yd 36.52yd Rough
    3rd 22.00yd 14.50yd Apron
    4th 14.37yd 1.22yd Green
    5th 0.00yd 1.22yd Concede


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