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    36days in rookie275yds max(plz criticize)

    please dont hesitate to comment and criticize! 
    Driver shot: currently averaging 250ish yards,275 yds max on driving range, 290yds max on course, with ball speed ard 155mph and head speed 105mph, back spin 2800~3300 ;(... , side var: L :32.6, R: 35 , Azimuth : L:9.2, R: 5.1, launch angle from 10~14)
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    Player HKG Magpie (Intended)
    Date 11-Jun-2019
    Location GreenLive SCAA 
    CC Mission Hills Shenzhen - World Cup 
    Hole 16
    Game Mode Amateur 
    Distance 273.55yd
    Club Driver
    Type Hook

    Swing Info

    Swing Distance Remaining Disctance From
    1st 273.57yd 182.15yd Fairway
    2nd 173.47yd 21.27yd Bunker
    3rd 18.54yd 2.80yd Green
    4th 0.00yd 2.80yd Concede


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