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    Player HKG Sparrow (Dormant)
    Eric Wong
    Date 23-Oct-2017
    Location Eagle Golf 
    CC The Hong Kong GC - Eden Course 
    Hole 4
    Game Mode Amateur 
    Distance 133.55yd
    Club Driver
    Type Slice

    Swing Info

    Swing Distance Remaining Disctance From
    1st 133.61yd 266.43yd Hazard
    2nd 23.68yd 287.11yd Hazard Tee
    3rd 70.10yd 218.99yd Rough
    4th 7.95yd 215.69yd Fairway
    5th 148.09yd 68.84yd Rough
    6th 29.31yd 39.53yd Rough
    7th 39.69yd 2.77yd Green
    8th 0.00yd 2.77yd Double Par


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