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    I need more power and less hook

    Moving my front foot a little too much? 
    Not dropping my front shoulder enough?
    Not rotating my hips enough?
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    Player CAN Crane (Intended)
    Date 7-Apr-2018
    Location Golfzon West 
    CC Fuji Classic 
    Hole 11
    Game Mode Amateur 
    Distance 260.92yd
    Club Driver
    Type Hook

    Swing Info

    Swing Distance Remaining Disctance From
    1st 260.97yd 208.87yd Fairway
    2nd 177.31yd 31.92yd Fairway
    3rd 25.34yd 7.04yd Green
    4th 6.54yd 0.56yd Green
    5th 0.00yd 0.56yd Concede


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