General information on golf and GOLFZON!

    Registration I have problems with signing up.

    Please try again using the following process.
    If the problem continues, please contact us using the email address provided below:


    ①. Enter a GOLFZON ID of your choice and click the Check Availability button.
    The ID must be 4 to 12 alphanumeric characters in length. ID is case sensitive.

    If ”This ID is available” message appears, proceed to step 2.
    If ”This ID is unavailable” message appears, try a different ID.


    ②. Set the password.
    The password must be 6 to 20 alphanumeric characters in length.
    ※ Please use a complex password to prevent potential identity theft.


    ③. Please re-enter the password. This is to confirm that you have correctly typed your intended password. Password is case sensitive.


    ④. Please enter your nickname.
    It must be 6 characters or less in length. The nickname registration process will fail if another user is using the nickname you have chosen. In this case, please type a different nickname.


    ⑤. Select a picture for your profile.
    Press the button to select a picture stored in the computer.
    You may select one of the three default pictures instead.


    ⑥. Please enter your e-mail address.
    Please enter a valid e-mail address.


    ⑦. Select your gender.
    Players who have selected incorrect gender may be excluded from the rankings (eg. a male player participating in a ladies tournament). Please use caution.


    ⑧. Please select a question for password retrieval and enter your answer.
    The answer must be 2 to 15 characters in length.
    ※ You will need to remember this answer if you forget your password.


    ⑨. Please enter the custom item.
    This is optional.


    ⑩. Enter the number shown in the authentication image.
    If you cannot see the number, click the View Other Image button.


    ⑪. Click Register to proceed to the confirmation screen.


    ⑫ If there is no problem in the confirmation screen, click the Send button.
    Now you have successfully signed up.
    Please keep the e-mail sent to your address.

    Registration FAQ