General information on golf and GOLFZON!

    Courses I have difficulty understanding the course information.

    Course Level indicates how challenging the course is. The higher the number of stars, the more difficult the course is.
    Green Level indicates the difficulty level of the putting green, based on severity of slope and the hole-in mechanics. Again, difficulty is measured by the number of stars. Players may find it difficult to get a hole-in with only one or two putts on greens with higher numbers of stars
    Additionally, players can check the distance between the tee and the hole and the elevation between the tee box and the green. For example, a 250 yard par-4 middle hole with +20 m elevation is actually 270 yards; the heightened elevation means that the hole is not the original 250 yards as indicated.
    When selecting which course to play, always consider all the course data and information on the mini-map, along with your own skill level.


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